The Poker TDA is a voluntary trade association of the poker tournament industry. The Association is dedicated to adopting a uniform set of poker tournament rules worldwide.

TDA Exam Stage


TDA members may take the Poker Tournament Director Certification Exam and earn a printable certificate upon passing. To take the exam, follow the steps below. Be sure to 1) write down the information from your PayPal transaction, 2) register on the exam site in the name you want on your certificate, and 3) save the certificate to your computer. These steps will avoid problems in the exam process.


BASIC: The exam has 40 questions. A minimum score of 90% (36 correct) is required to pass. The exam is based on the most recent Poker TDA Rules and Recommended Procedures (2011, Version 2.0), see: The 40 questions cover each of the 10 Rules categories (general concepts, betting, etiquette, etc.). Questions are in multiple choice, true / false, and select all that apply formats.

PROCESS: The exam is open to TDA members only. First pay $10 for the exam via Pay Pal. You do not have to be a Pay Pal member. Next, enter the information from the Pay Pal transaction in the exam registration form below. By return e-mail you will receive a unique URL code to the online exam platform. If you pass you will receive a downloadable certificate at the end of the exam. Save this certificate to your computer.

PREPARATION: The best preparation is to thoroughly study the current Poker TDA Rules. The exam includes both direct questions about the rules and hypothetical situations where you must choose the correct ruling to apply.

TIME: The ample time of 100 minutes is allowed to finish. The actual time required usually ranges from 40 to 70 minutes. The exam must be taken in one sitting; you may not pause and return later to finish. Each registration allows 2 opportunities to pass for one examinee only. If you pass in the first attempt you may not give your code to another person to take the 2nd attempt.

RANDOM TESTING: No two exams are the same. Your specific 40 questions are chosen at random from a 300-item question bank. The questions appear in random order and answer choices for each question are also randomized for each test.

CERTIFICATE: If you pass, upon answering the final question you will see a link to your certificate. Click this link and save the certificate to your computer with a searchable name such as “TDA Exam Certificate”. The TDA cannot guarantee reprints of certificates; you may have to re-take the exam to obtain a new certificate so please save the one you receive.

PAYMENT: The exam price of $10 gives one examinee 2 opportunities to pass. Payment must be made via Pay Pal before registration. You do not have to be a Pay Pal member to pay with this system. When you pay, write down the name you used, e-mail address, date, and receipt number (or transaction ID). You will enter this information in the exam registration form below. Examinees who do not pass in two attempts must re-register and pay $10 again to re-take the exam. NOTE: the e-mail you used in the PayPal transaction is the e-mail your exam URL code will be sent to!

REGISTERING FOR THE EXAM: Once you have completed the Pay Pal transaction, fill out the exam registration form at the bottom of this page. You should receive your URL exam code by e-mail in 1 to 3 days after submitting this form.

URL CODE and EXAM SITE REGISTRATION NAME: Once registered, you will receive a URL code by e-mail to the e-mail address you used for PayPal. Read the instructions in the e-mail carefully. The URL code gives one examinee 2 opportunities to pass. Do not share this code. Upon pasting the code in your browser, the exam site appears. One of the earliest screens on the site will ask for your first and last name. At the exam site, you must enter the name as you want it on your certificate. No other forms (PayPal or the exam registration form) will affect the name appearing on your certificate.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE EXAM: Please address questions regarding the exam to the following e-mail: Please put “TDA Exam question” in the subject line.


Use the Pay Pal button below to pay your $10 exam fee. You do not have to be a Pay Pal member. Write down your name, e-mail, date, and receipt number (or transaction ID). You will enter this information in the exam registration form below. The e-mail you use for this transaction is the e-mail your URL exam code will be sent to. For more information on payment, see FAQs above.


STEP 1: If you are not already a TDA member, join the TDA at
STEP 2: Pay for the exam via Pay Pal. Price is $10 for two attempts by one person. It is vital that you write down the date, e-mail, receipt number (or transaction ID), and name you used in the transaction. You will enter this info in the exam registration form below.
STEP 3: Fill out and submit the exam registration form below.
STEP 4: Your exam URL code will be e-mailed to you in 1 to 3 business days of submitting the exam registration form. The code will remain active for at least 30 days.
STEP 5: Follow instructions in the e-mail that contains your code. These include steps to register at the exam site with the first and last name you want to appear on your Certificate. It is not the name you use on Pay Pal or the Exam Registration Form, but rather the name you enter on the exam site that determines the name on your Certificate!
STEP 6: Upon passing, you will see a link to your certificate. Save the certificate to your computer with a memorable and searchable file name. The TDA cannot guarantee re-prints of your certificate.


Note: You must be a member of the TDA, and make your payment through Pay Pal prior to completing this form (see above). Enter the information below as it appears on your PayPal transaction. NOTE: Your exam URL code will be sent to the e-mail you used for PayPal. The name that will appear on your Certificate is the name you enter at the testing website when you paste the URL exam code in your browser. Allow 1-3 days after submitting this registration for your URL code to arrive.

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