Poker TDA Summit VII set for June 26-27 at Aria Resort & Casino

Apr 3, 2015 9:22 pm - Posted by

The Poker TDA will hold its seventh biennial summit June 26-27 at the fabulous Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas ( This event promises to be one of the most important and exciting in the history of the Association.

The TDA Summit is made possible by generous support from the Aria and Genesis Gaming Solutions, the leader in Casino Pit and Poker Room Management Systems ( For information updates, to pre-register, and to make comments and suggestions on TDA Rules, please visit the 2015 Poker TDA Summit page.

The Poker TDA is an open-source, non-aligned, and voluntary organization dedicated to advancement of the poker tournament experience. Since 2001 its members have worked tirelessly for professionalism in tournament management and greater consistency in tournament rules worldwide.

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