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Live poker management software developed by me
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:21:28 PM »
Good morning to all users of this forum,

I would like to introduce me and my software on this forum. I'm really new here. ;) My name's Jan Drozd and I develop software for poker management, called Treek's Poker Tournament Director. This software product is developed for more than three years. I also run my own tournaments with friends and that was the reason why I created this software. Treek's Poker TD has many original features including

  • Player account management (with deposits, withdrawals, password protection, etc.)
  • Tournaments manager, which allows to prepare many tournaments types with detailed configuration of blinds, prizes, fees and other settings
  • Tourney game registrations, timer (with hand correction options), winnings payment
  • Configurable graphical output for tourney games (your background, fonts, colors, layout) to show info to players on external display
  • Vouchers, bonus credit
  • Cash-game organization

Treek's poker stores players, tourney and game data in one database file (MDB and ACCDB format is supported). This means, that is really easy to backup your data and protect them by encryption. Also, you can use Treek's Poker TD in network, multi-user environment. You can assign access rights to your floorpeople. Using this database engine allows to easily use it in web application. I'm able to personally develop registration management website for you, connected and based on Treek's Poker TD databases.

We come with great license prices. We have FREE version for NON-COMMERCIAL use (ex.: home tourneys) and PRO version for commercial usage starting at $39. You can contact me on my e-mail ( for discount and volume licensing. Free version includes trial of PRO, so it is OK to test in your commercial poker room.

More info and download on

Treek's Poker is based on user feedback. Without you, our users, Treek's Poker won't be here. Feel free to leave any comments, feature requests and more.
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