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Flop with no burn card
« on: June 11, 2015, 04:38:35 PM »
I was called to the table with a flop already on the table. The four players in the hand all checked around before they noticed my dealer had forgotten to burn a card. Easy call for me; Substantial action has occurred, continue with the hand. So now the hypothetical with me and my fellow TD's. What would we have done if it was called to our attention before any action had taken place. Take the first exposed flop card and make that the burn, then flip the other to complete the correct board? Shuffle all of em back in with the stub? flip em all over like a a 4 card flop and choose one to burnt he proceed with the next card? First scenario seems ideal to me, just curious what everyone else would have done. Thanks!

Nick C

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Re: Flop with no burn card
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2015, 09:11:03 PM »
 It never happened to me in many years on the floor but, I would burn the top card (unexposed) complete the betting round and proceed as normal. Your idea about taking the first exposed flop card would be the wrong card anyway... this is assuming your dealer flops from left to right, Try it and you will see that the first card off will be the 3rd card of the flop.

 The method I mentioned is not much different from a 4 card flop where one is removed and used as the burn. You might say that it's actually better because the "extra" card is not exposed.

 It's a dealer error and unfortunately there are consequences. Hopefully it will be so rare, you'll never see it again. ;D