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Hi nick Yes
The player did not call the bet

Not familiar with your situation. Are you saying Player A bets 250K and Player C only calls 25K thinking that was the bet?
please help :
player A online (250k).
player B fold
Player C bets 25k)
How to proceed

General discussion of poker industry topics / The passing of Doyle Brunson
« Last post by Nick C on May 16, 2023, 01:24:54 AM »
A tribute to a true legend of the game...Doyle Brunson, The "Godfather of Poker" has died at age 89.

I will never forget my days dealing at his famous Ten Deuce Club at the Silverbird in 1980.

May he rest in peace.
Poker is a game of observation. Each player should be observant enough to know who bet or raised.

To have a question about a prior street be answered would violate the one-player-to-a-hand rule.

For example, player A raised, player B & C called.

On the next street, player C starts thinking, "wasn't it player A who raised? He never raises," and then asks who made the prior raise. Obviously, getting that information could affect how player C plays out the hand (and maybe even subsequent hands). That could be construed as collusion.

Bottom line: The question should not be answered by anyone.

For the record, I can't remember anyone asking about the prior street while a hand was still in play.

Current street? Sure. When asked, the simple answer, "The guy with the chips in front" is simple and obvious. And acceptable.
3 players, flop comes, 1 player (who is in the hand)  asks “who raised preflop?”, Can 1 of  the players in the hand answer ? Can 1 players who is not in the hand answer ?
Non-TDA Tournament and General Poker Rules Discussion / Re: PRIZE POOL
« Last post by David21 on April 18, 2023, 04:37:37 PM »
thank you
You're welcome, Vincenzo

 I have found that the raise rules are the most complex and often confusing. I always teach my students to focus on the rules for limit games before trying to comprhend no limit and pot limit.

There are numerous past posts on raise rules...too many to count.

If you have the time to look back, I believe you might get a better understanding about minimum raise rules and how they are different between limit (fixed bet) and no limit.
I'd be happy to go over this further if you have any more questions.
I agree with you and your way of doing regularly ascertained. Listening to different reasons, I'd like to see what is the most use, fixed in the TDA regulation.

Thanks for your answer Nick!
Hello, Vincenzo

 I'm not positive I will give you the answer you are looking for...but I will tell you the way I have always handled the situation you described.

 First we will need to understand that the only time a player, on the BB, can post less than the BB is when they are all in with less.
 When there are multiple players in a hand and the BB has less than the required amount, the next active player may either fold, call by putting in the proper BB or raise in the amount of at least double the BB. The only time a call for less can be made is when the action is head to head.

 The only time, post flop, that a player can initiate a bet less than the size of the BB is if they are all in.

 The minimum bet in all forms of poker can never be less than the bring-in or the BB. There are some forms of "limit" games that increase the minimum bet on specific "streets."

 Limit games will dictate the required minimum amount. In a 5 and 10 limit holdem game, the bets are fixed. 5 pre-flop...5 on the flop and 10 on the turn and 10 on the river.

 The same is true in a stud game. Seven card stud 5 and 10...the bets are fixed. The first two betting rounds are 5 and beginning on 5th street the last three bets are 10.
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