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I don't see the problem in answering the question.

The dealer by stating it's a raise, or it's not a raise it's (in my opinion) doing what's he's supposed to, he's giving accurate information about the action on the table.

I understand the dealers should not influence the players' decisions however this is a factual information, nothing more nothing less, he's saying, Raise or not raise
Poker TDA Rules & Procedures Questions, General / Re: BB advancing or not
« Last post by Seixas on January 28, 2023, 03:47:18 PM »
You can't come in as a small blind.

Therefore, I believe both new players need to wait two hands while E is the BB, then SB, and B is the Dealer twice.

However, in the pub league where I deal, where it's short stack turbo, in the interest of allowing players to play, B is dealer, C would be BB and D is UTG.

You can't come in between the button and sb, where you would change the order of the blinds.
In some cases as stated in this post you can come in on the blind.

In this case C was empty therefore whoever enters on that place can't play.
I believe that you should consider the UTG movement as a normal action, meaning if he silently puts multiple chips, raise, one chip it's a silent call
Poker TDA Rules & Procedures Questions, General / Re: Dealer says its 300 more to you
« Last post by Seixas on January 28, 2023, 02:58:06 PM »
I'm having the exact same question as the OP here where I work.
There's an understanding that the dealer can't help the players so the player are responsible for all the actions however in my understanding and apparently in TDA also the rules and TD decisions are to help the game flow the best way we can.

So, even though saying it's 300 to call might have some psichological effect on a player because 300<400 if directly asked I believe the dealer should say the ammount to call.

As a standard rule announce the total value.
If asked "how much" total value
but if asked directly "how much more" or "how much to call" I don't see any problem in saying the correct amount to call and not the total value of the bet/raise.
Non-TDA Tournament and General Poker Rules Discussion / Re: Cards Speak, but WHEN?
« Last post by Dave Miller on January 17, 2023, 04:19:52 PM »
In the last half hour, I created a new thread, and added a comment to an 2 year old old thread. So I might as well bump this thread as well.

No comments or opinions?
One of my local casinos, Wind Creek (formerly Sands) in Bethlehem, PA, has started using a new rule regarding the showdown. Short, the last aggressor, on any street, is the first to show.

This was in a cash game, and was told they started that just a few months ago. I neglected to ask if they did that in tournaments as well, but have to assume that they do.

Has there been any discussion to change the rule? Does anybody here do it that way already?
Iím doing research on another rule and realized that this was left somewhat unresolved.
.2 - Even when everyone is prompted to show, there are slight delays. During that delay, a side-pot player might see an all-in player's better hand and fold their hand, even though they might have won the side pot. Because of the rule, the dealer can correctly try to prevent the folded cards from mixing with the muck pile and becoming unidentifiable.
Replace the bold words with ĎANY player.í

It is quite possible that while evaluating the side pot hands, the main pot player forgets his hand or misreads the side pot winnerís hand, and muck. True, this only rarely happens, but is more common with inexperienced players.

Just show all the hands, and then start evaluating with the last side pot, etc.
2022 TDA Rules Translations / 2022 TDA Rules ITALIAN translation
« Last post by viperanet on January 10, 2023, 03:37:00 AM »
Poker TDA Mobile App / New TDA Exam & list of qualifications
« Last post by ThePrince on December 31, 2022, 05:25:53 PM »
Good morning all and happy new year from Australia!

Can anyone tell me when (or if) a new TDA exam will be available following the changes at the Summit last year?

Also, are there plans to make reference to which exam is the most recent in circulation so I we can stay on top of TD's qualifications and expiry.

And finally, I notice that the list of qualified/accredited TDA members who have passed the exam does not include the most recent result (at least for me anyways) - is there a process that updates when the new exam was passed?

Thanks in advance.


Shannon VDB
Non-TDA Tournament and General Poker Rules Discussion / Cards Speak, but WHEN?
« Last post by Dave Miller on December 29, 2022, 12:07:47 PM »
Should a dealer announce a tabled hand as soon as it is tabled, or only once all other hands are tabled or mucked?

As you may know, I deal in a pub league, and I'm the rules guru. Toward that end, we try to follow TDA rules mostly so the players don't get surprised when they play for real.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk about the hand in progress. I remind people about the "One person to a hand" rule and how table talk about the hand can influence a player or violate that rule. More than once I have had to point out that it's not over until all hands are tabled or mucked. I tell them to do a YouTube search for "Phil Ivey folds a flush." If someone at that table had asked Phil if he had a flush, Phil may have double checked his cards.

What about merely announcing a tabled hand? Should a player be allowed to read a tabled hand incorrectly and then act upon that incorrect info?

Last night, at a heads up showdown, with a board of J Q T J 8, the aggressor shows T 6. The other player 'reads' the hand, saying 'straight' while she is hesitant to show her hand. Obviously, she read the 6 as a 9 for the straight. He really only had two pair. The way she was holding her hand (but NOT tabled), I can see that she has Q 4 for a better two pair.

While both players are relatively experienced, I know the woman with the Q 4 can easily get confused, and has been told in the past that she should just show the hand if she is unsure. After all, these players aren't good enough to benefit from the kind of info that showing a losing hand provides.

But in the confusion of several people trying to read the other hand, and me trying to get everyone to shut up, she mucked her hand causing everyone else to finally quiet down. But while one corner of one card was actually touching the muck, the cards were still clearly identifiable and retrievable. One other player who saw her hand (and was her son), said, "You had the winning hand!" She was rattled and truly didn't know what to do.

I never pulled them in, so I pushed them back to her, while other players stated that they were mucked. I held my hands up to get silence, and asked her what she wanted to do.

After thinking for a moment, she turned over her hand, and I pushed her the pot, saying, "That's why we don't talk about the hand until it's over." I also talked about the identifiable and retrievable rule.

Should I have spoken up sooner and announced his hand before all the chaos broke out? Or even after but before she made her final decision?

And once the third player (her son) spoke up to tell her that the cards touching the muck was the winning hand, should her hand be killed?

For the record, the player who lost the pot because of this was totally fine with the way I handled it.
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