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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply,

I get the restraddle is always double Iím just at a loss as to why the minimum raise after the last straddle is always double the penultimate straddle rather than the previous straddle. For example, if the straddle is 10 and the next person restraddles for 20 and the next person then restraddles for 40 and no more straddles happen, where I come from is the minimum raise would be double the 40 which would be 80 no? I donít understand why it would be 20 more for 60 if we are treating the straddles as live and essentially just another big blind rather than a blind raise where the 60 would make sense.

I hope that makes sense?!
Maybe I worded it badly.

Except for the rare Ďroundedí straddle like my 1/2 to 5 example, straddles are always double.
Re-straddle? Double again.
Re-straddle again? Double again, AGAIN.

Thatís how that 5/10 game got to 320. 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320!

Whatever the last straddle is, a minimum raise is another double. A min re-raise is the amount of the call plus the amount of the raise - like normal. It just so happens that if itís a min raise followed by a min re-raise, itís triple the last straddle. But that rarely happens.
Thanks for your replies Dave and Nick,

Dave, I am with you on everything except the minimum raise requirement after the last straddle. The way you have worded it sounds as if the straddle is more a blind raise rather than an additional blind. I would have thought it would be doubled such as: straddle 8 and min raise would be 16 since we are treating the straddle as like another Big Blind. I funnily enough looked at this in another forum and the people say different things and cannot seem to agree completely on this. Maybe it differs cardroom to cardroom?!

Nick yes exactly they do double and in terms of raises, that is what Iím puzzled over.
Live Cash Game Rules Questions / Re: Single chip call or raise query?
« Last post by W0lfster on August 15, 2023, 10:38:11 PM »
If you look back at the video, scroll through the comments section and you will find it. Thankfully there arenít too many comments to scroll through so you will not be there all day.

Yes and thatís the point, the example was a mistake on purpose to highlight what the procedure would be. You are right it would be a raise to 6 but the TDA says you need to say Ďraiseí to qualify as a raise, simply saying a number that is an underraise is not sufficient or if it is, it is not clarified.
Hi Nick,

Thanks for your reply. Would you say that moving button is better for cash games then? That link you sent me doesnít work, it just opens up my Yahoo mail. Is there another way you could send it please?

Live Cash Game Rules Questions / Re: Single chip call or raise query?
« Last post by Nick C on August 15, 2023, 03:51:07 PM »
The link you sent me had some great games and situations, however, I did not come across the one you mentioned.

I don't understand how any player in a 1/3 game would say make it 5????.....It has to be you said, unless he's all-in for 5
As far as I can remember, Las Vegas always uses the dead button rule.

The moving button might be easier to use when multiple players are knocked out of a hand.

I have a great diagram that makes it simple to follow. When I find it, I will post it.

It sometimes requires two small blinds.
I think the important thing to remember is: Straddles are blind so if multiple players are allowed to straddle, I believe the straddles keep doubling.

When we speak of raises, that's where it changes.
I agree that the dribble bet is open to interpretation and probably should be addressed at the next TDA meeting.

I’ve never seen a straddle in a limit game. I would assume that they are limited to the amount of a normal preflop raise, but giving person the right to re-raise.

Straddles are usually* double. Multiple straddles just keep doubling. There’s a video out there of a high stakes 5/10 game where it was straddled five times, all the way up to $320.

No matter how many straddles, the first raise is always the amount of the last straddle, essentially another double. But the min-reraise is always the amount of the raise, not doubled again.

So in that high stakes game, a min-raise is another $320 to take it up to $640. Another min-raise of $320 will take it up to $960. Post flop, the minimum bet would be back to $10.

*Usually: I forget where, but I once played a 1/2 game where a straddle was $5. But that was more to reduce the requirement for change, and not slow down the game.

Also note that many jurisdictions limit the number of straddles. Some don’t allow them at all.
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