Author Topic: Further progress on showdown issues? Non-winner ATSAH, verbal declarations, etc.  (Read 3027 times)


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Some important gaps remain in achieving a universal showdown rule. Can any progress be made on these issues?

Example of one thread is here:

Also language is needed to prevent an angle shoot where:
1: Two players at showdown.
2: Player A says "my hand isn't that strong" and tosses his cards forward w/o tabling, however they are still identifiable
3: Player B, also not tabled, tosses his cards directly in the muckpile thinking he's won (or dealer inexplicably mucks them first)
4: Player A immediately demands his still-identifiable cards be tabled.

The above situation can be covered by Rule 1, or course, but specific language is desirable.
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Nick C

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 The best solution is to insist that all cards be tabled at showdown. Currently, this is only required when any player is all-in. If you look back at the video from the 2013 Summit, you will see that Jack Effel made this suggestion several times.