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SB 0.5, BB 1
Utg Open 2.50
Utg+1 call 2.50
SB call 2.50
BB raise 17.50 to 20
UTG call 17.50 to 20
UTG+1 fold
SB allin 11 to 31

Quesion: can BB raise?
If not, can UTG raise?
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Re: all-in too small to qualify as a raise > Re-Open Betting or Not?
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Hi Luca: You have posted this under cash game rules. The TDA focuses on tournament rules as agreed by the voting membership. The TDA tournament rule for re-opening the bet is consistent with common conventional rules so for most cash venues they will be the same.

You can find a very extensive list of threads on the topic of re-opening the bet here:    Look at the second section entiitled "Minimum Amounts to Raise and Re-Opening Betting to Player Who's Already Acted Questions:", and you'll find no less than 10 threads that go into great detail discussing re-opening the bet.

Also please see the new Illustration Addendum of the 2013 TDA Rules which has several examples in detail that address this topic. You can find the Illustration Addendum on both the Longform PDF and Longform docx docs here:

As to the specifics of your example:
The BB bets/raises by 17.50 to a total of 20, so it will have to be at least a full raise back to him to re-open (at least a total of 37.50). The UTG calls the 17.50, so he's already acted also, so it will also have to be 37.50 or more back to him to re-open betting for him.

Because the SB only makes it 31 total, this is a short all-in wager that does not hit 37.50 and therefore does not re-open the betting to either the BB or UTG.

Let's put a slight twist on your example:
everything the same, but instead of folding, the UTG+1 goes all-in for his last 11 and makes it 31...

NOW, the only player who has not yet acted is the SB... the SB in this situation (assuming he has the chips) could raise here because he hasn't yet acted on the 17.50.

Thanks for the great question.
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