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Revised Tournament Dealer Procedures
« on: July 05, 2013, 07:31:49 AM »
Tournament dealer procedures
on: August 01, 2011, 11:08:04 AM
 The following is a list of what I will be teaching new dealers. If anyone has anything to add, I would like to hear your suggestions.
Proper shuffle procedures MUST be followed. This will include automated shufflers.

*Dealing to all tournament players, including those absent from the table. (PLEASE NOTE) This may require a change in procedure. The details will be better explained after the new rules from the TDA Summit VI are adopted.

Blinding off absent players.

*Kill the hand of an absent player as soon as the last card is dealt. There is a pending change to this procedure. The new proposal will not allow players to receive any cards unless they are seated before the first card is dealt. This is not correct, the absent player will be dealt a hand but, they may not participate in any way. Exactly how this will be accomplished has not been finalized. This means, that before any betting begins for that round, the absent player has NO option to contest the hand. Therefore, their cards will be mucked.

Starting the action with the proper bettor for each round.

*Announcing, out loud, all bets and raises.

Calling any string bets and/or, string raises.

Count the deck as required.

Know when to call for the floor.

Announcing the number of players at the table, after a player is eliminated.

Never stall, or slow down the speed of a deal, waiting for the clock.

Read all tabled hands, at the showdown.

At the showdown, never expose any player's down cards, unless directed by the owner of the hand, or the floor.

Be sure to issue warnings to player's who use offensive language, become abusive to others, or break rules of etiquette. Repeat offenses will require you to alert  the floor.

Remind players to protect their own hands, and Act in Turn.

*Announce the number of active players  before dealing each round.

Announce when a player goes all-in.

*Keep spectators away from the table.

I strongly advise dealers to educate all players to: Act in turn; wait until the active player (to their right), acts before them, or as directed by the dealer. Protect their own hand. This may require players to hold onto their cards when all-in.

I also suggest at showdown, players competing for the pot, NEVER release their live hand until they are certain their hand is beat, or THEY HAVE BEEN PUSHED THE POT!

* My feelings on re-shuffle are; A scramble or mix of the cards (not the standard shuffle) would better guarantee that no cards are exposed. The standard shuffle requires that the cards be gathered and picked-up facing away from the dealer before the first riffle. This would be unacceptable because it would expose the identity of remaining cards.

I thought that I would add Unacceptable behavior for dealers:


           a.) offensive body odor
           b.) overpowering cologne
           c.) wrinkled or soiled uniform
           d.) bad breath
           e.) dirty fingernails
           a.) sloppy dealing
           b.) flashing cards
           c.) rolling the deck
           d.) premature dealing
           e.) failure to observe action
           f.) watching TV
The Never's
           a.) Never engage in unnecessary conversation.
           b.) Never Stare at players. Avoid eye contact.To stare at a player is often mistaken as an indication that it is their turn to act.
           c.) Never address women in any derogatory manner; such as honey, sugar, sweetheart etc.
           d.) Never call any female "ma'am," young or old. Miss or young lady is better, and knowing their name is best.
           e.) Never point your finger at players. (use an open hand if you must point).
           f.)  Never forget to acknowledge a toke (tip).
           g.) Never criticize how a player plays their hand.
           h.) Never disagree with any decision made by the floor. These should be discussed in private.
            i.) Never display anger at the table.
            j.) Never chew gum.
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