Author Topic: Summit VI Sponsors: the Venetian, Genesis Gaming Solutions, & Global Poker Index  (Read 12204 times)


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The 2013 Poker TDA Summit VI is free to attend for members of the Association. This event is made possible by the following sponsors:

The Venetian Hotel Resort and Casino, the World's Largest AAA Five-Diamond Resort. (

Genesis Gaming Solutions, the leader in Casino Pit and Poker Room Management Systems ( Genesis is the developer of the Bravo Poker and Pit Management Systems. The Bravo Poker Live website and mobile app attracts players and keeps them up to date on the current games spread, tournament offerings, and much more (

The Global Poker Index (GPI), the Poker Ranking Authority (

Please support these generous sponsors!
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Hello Mike,

Who can I talk about a demonstration of the Genesis poker room management system?

Devanir "D.C." Campos
Brazilian Series of Poker Tournament Director


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For all inquiries re Genesis Gaming poker room and/or casino pit management systems, e-mail Randy Knust at:

Either he'll handle your inquiry personally or put you in touch with the right people.

Genesis will have some other presentations in Las Vegas going on around the time of the Summit also... you might schedule something with Randy and his team for a detailed presentation at your mutual convenience.

Be sure to tell him you were referred from the TDA !

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We use Genesis Gaming, works great!
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