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Re: Killed Hands - Digging into the muck
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This happened with Andras Koroknai in the WSOP ME this year, and most articles I read are saying it was one of the worst floor calls in WSOP history...

"The action at one of the tables folded all the way around to France’s Gaelle Baumann under the gun, who opened the pre-flop betting with a min-raise to 60,000. The button folded and then Andras Koroknai of Hungary moved all-in for somewhere around 2 million chips from the small blind. Gavin Smith then folded from the big blind and the action was back to Baumann, one of the tournament’s chip leaders.
But it wasn’t. As soon as Smith folded, Koroknai mucked his cards, thinking that the hand was over and that he had won. For whatever reason, he didn’t realize Baumann had raised or even bet anything at all. He thought he had been the first to act, so when Smith folded, the hand was finished. When he realized what he had done, he tried to retrieve his cards from the muck, but was only able to positively locate one of them.
Tournament Director Dennis Jones was called over and after some thought, he decided that Koroknai would lose the 60,000 chips that would have amounted to a call, but he would get to keep the rest of his stack. The players, particularly Baumann and Smith, were confused by the ruling, so Jones called WSOP VP Jack Effel, who confirmed the decision. Jones cited the “integrity of the tournament” as the reason for not requiring Koroknai to lose all of his chips."

It's a tough spot for me as a floor because I believe the door is left wide open for angle shooting.  if I go all-in while bluffing and see that I am about to be called I can just muck my hands and get my raise back?  Alternatively, there is the "best interest of the game" but I just don't see what the best call would be in a case like this.  Glad I didn't have to make it.

In this circumstance it was also said that 1 of his cards was identifiable, but not the other.  I'm willing to bet that if both were clearly identifiable, whether or not the were face up...the would have let him have it back.

So for your example K-Lo, in a circumstance like this, I would for sure say they are live. 
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