Author Topic: Fold or Not! at Showdown  (Read 29590 times)


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Re: Fold or Not! at Showdown
« Reply #30 on: August 11, 2012, 12:41:27 PM »
I feel that any attempt, by a dealer to correct a serious error is a much better option than allowing the incorrect distribution of chips.

For the examples we are discussing (i.e. first opponent to show is playing the board, the board contains a rainbow straight), the serious "error" is solely the player's error -- the player cannot read a board.  Perhaps the player is under the false impression that he must use one or two of his hole cards to make a hand... who knows.  But it is not the dealer's job to prevent this type of "error", namely stupid play.  If the player genuinely thinks his hand cannot win and surrenders his hand, then he should be permitted to do so.   

Don't get me wrong, I do see your point though -- the player would have been saved if it was an all-in situation -- and can sympathize with your desire to pass a new rule that says all cards are to be tabled at any showdown (all-in or not).  But until such a rule actually exists, for better or for worse, I don't think the current rules support the dealer forcing a player to table a hand that was bound for the muck, unless it is an all-in situation or someone is requesting to see the hand.  One day, this may be different, but until then, the dealer should be mucking those cards.   

Nick C

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Re: Fold or Not! at Showdown
« Reply #31 on: August 11, 2012, 04:31:56 PM »

 You are correct. However I think we should change the title of the subject for this about: "Chip Dumping The Easy Way"  ::)