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Re: talking out of turn
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On this side of the pond 'Bastard' can have degrees of meaning depending on it use.

The one you are likely use to is the simple "You Bastard" which is derogatory and disparages the persons heritage.

then there is "you sneaky Bastard, you" which depending on who is using it is more likely to be a sideways sort of compliment.

And Nicks use of it; "the poor, bastard" just references a terribly put upon fellow and generally does not refer to his heritage.

and then there is "what a bastard" which references a persons bad (read evil or ornery) behavior in certain situations.  this one may or may not reference a persons heritage.  That depends on the users mood and tone I suppose.

I have even heard "you beautiful Bastard"  I imagine is along the same lines as you sneaky bastard but if the user is a woman in the right context, well....whatever... ::)


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Re: talking out of turn
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The term is not appropriate in civilized company, unless it is clear that the context is one of obvious humor: