Author Topic: Showdown mgmt questions: Face-down mucks and binding verbals/gestures.  (Read 5985 times)


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1) What is the ruling wrt player electing to muck face down at showdown. Can player change their mind and table their cards or are they irretrievably dead upon declaration / gesture?
2) In general, what verbals and gestures, if any, are binding at showdown.

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Stuart Murray

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Given your explanation and interpretation, I think we all need some time to better consider the aspects of this matter, at the moment, I now understand a showdown no-one can 'fold' so to speak, so all cards are live unless they land in the muck.

I recently ran a tourney in Aberdeen where at showdown ALL cards must be tabled, which went well, but it is a bit archaic and dictatorial.

I prefer to allow players to muck, if they pass their hand freely then they have surrendered their claim, if they pass as a result of mis-information then the floor can retrieve the hand as per RROP.

With regard to verbal statements I think there is going to be few statements that can be made, cards speak for themselves, as per RROP verbal declarations are not binding but misleading other players may result in a penalty.