Author Topic: Any rules changes/ clarifications needed wrt the RDW/Reinkemeier incident?  (Read 6839 times)


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The RDW / Reinkemeier incident at the EPT Barcelona was one of the most widely discussed events in recent poker history. Are there any rulings or clarifications that are needed as a result of the issues involved in this hand?

For example:

1) As one specific issue, is there such a thing as "legitimate showdown gamesmanship" during which the dealer should not interfere...
2) Or should the dealer always move aggressively to take charge of a showdown and request that cards be tabled?

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Nick C

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 I am all for the dealer taking charge at the showdown. There are specific procedures that must be followed. The incident in Barcelona was a good example of the dealer taking charge of the situation. The dealer asked the initial bettor to show his complete hand (both cards), instead, he showed only one (the king) and actually slid the other into the muck.

 What I consider to be the duties of a dealer at the showdown; a) Ask to see the cards of the player who initiated the last bet or raise, first.  Example "sir, I need to see all of the cards before I can read your hand." b.) Stop any opposing player from showing their hand until the first hand is properly tabled (face-up horizontal on the table). c.) Muck all discarded hands, immediately. d.) Kill the losing hands and push the pot to the winner.

  There will always be exeptions to the normal process that are accepted and prefered. Example; Player A checks, Player B checks (holding the "nuts") hoping that one of the other players will bet, so he can check raise. All of the remaining players check (to the disappointment of Player B), even though he is not following the correct order of showdown, it is in the best interest of the game, to not waste time by turning over the nut hand and get on with the next deal.

That's my vote.
Nick C

Martin L. Waller

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I donít see any reason for this incident to cause an additional rule.
I do agree with Nick that the dealer has to keep control of his table but without understanding the audio I donít know why the dealer retrieved the cards from the muck.
If no one asked to see them the cards should have stayed in the muck.
If someone did ask to see them they were dead because they had been placed in the muck.
It may have inspired many discussions but IMO it doesnít require another rule.

Good game to you,

Stuart Murray

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ditto, Nick and Martin's posts