Author Topic: 2 Dealer misteaks  (Read 6805 times)


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2 Dealer misteaks
« on: March 25, 2010, 02:08:02 AM »
1- what to do if the dealer takes the comunity cards from the table before the river and before a player action? example: 3 players in hand in the table there are already the 4 cards flop + turn, player A annouces all-in, player B folds, and before player C act, the dealer did not saw the player C and removes the cards to the muck. what to do?

2 - what to do when the dealer put the turn or river into the table forggeting to burn a card.  2.1- before everyone act?   2.2 after one of the players already bet?

Stuart Murray

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Re: 2 Dealer misteaks
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2010, 05:59:50 AM »

1 can be a potentially difficult situation.  Whilst the Dealer has destroyed the board it would be down to the TD's discretion asto whether we would recreate the board and allow player C to carry on.  Things I would be thinking about would be how long it took the dealer to lift the board, how long and who spotted the error and brought it to attention,  in this situation IMO player C has a duty of care to protect his hand and this includes the dealer sweeping up the board cards.  It could go either way for me, if I was satisfied the dealer grabbed the cards quickly after player b folded I would attempt to re-create the board and stub by listening to the dealer and players.  If I was not satisfied player c protected their rights in the hand I would award the pot to player a.  Note I would not be in a situation where I would split the pot, or rule a misdeal as substantial action has occurred during the hand so therefore a mis-deal cannot be called.

Situation 2 is a little more straight forward:
2.1 before action has occurred the board shall be corrected
2.2 where action has occurred the board card must stand but any further cards must be corrected to ensure it is the correct board card so if it was a turn without burn 2 cards would be burned for the river etc.