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Innovative way to get exposure for your brand or property
« on: October 04, 2014, 10:27:42 AM »
Poker television programming is popular, yet difficult to find on mainstream channels. Many poker shows have come and gone simply because of the sheer costs to produce television, and the networks unwillingness to pay for poker programming. Even current poker shows are limited to obscure cable time slots where viewers have difficulty accessing it, or unable to entirely.

What is the alternative?  The Internet.

Trying to get the best exposure for your advertising and sponsorship dollars is difficult and often what we choose falls short of our expectations. It's time to follow the trend to stay competitive.

Nowadays, more and more people are creating their own web television shows. It seems that more people are becoming aware of the fact that web-based shows bring in more viewers from all over the world than a regular television show. You will find hundreds of different web television shows on the Internet, but what makes some succeed while others fail?  Their fan base.

The restrictions of broadcast television often result in the untimely death of popular shows. Poker, or otherwise. Unbound by these restrictions, web broadcasts such as From the Felt provide a viable second life for such shows.  From the Felt  LIVE poker “webisodes” feature players from all walks of life. Unlike other sports, poker is an “every man's game.” In poker, you find both genders, all ages and socioeconomic levels of players able to compete on an even playing field. This is why poker appeals to all audiences.

From the Felt (FTF) is a bi-monthly web broadcast launching in November 2014 out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The "webisodes" feature players from all walks of life with special episodes from poker community groups and more. All participants are highlighted in advance with photos and player profiles on website. This allows the viewing audience an opportunity to know who's playing that evening.  Some players may be well known, and others may be players from your property.

This start up series is seeking sponsorship at extremely affordable rates. Each sponsor enjoys SIX MONTHS of branding during the launch series.  As the popularity of the show grows, inaugural sponsors will maintain advertising opportunities at the same initial rate of sponsorship.  Advertisers will not. There are sponsorship spots as low as $500 for the entire six months of broadcasts all the way to a $5,000 spot that gives commercial opportunities and player spots on the show. The best part is the community following that is already built in.  Thousands of poker players will be exposed to the programming and that is only a good thing for your brand or property.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more.  Remember, we have to be innovative in our new player acquisitions and customer retention.  Thinking outside the box with this new form of social media is the way to go.