Author Topic: What's if the table broke/break?  (Read 3484 times)


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What's if the table broke/break?
« on: June 30, 2014, 11:51:58 AM »

A friend o mine was directing a tournament a few days ago and came across this strange situition. A very very drunk player argues with some players, loose his mind, get over the table and start to crawl all over it, knocking some chips off the table.
Long history short, security ask him to leave, chips are put back in the stacks and the game continues.

There are ~30 players in the tournament when this happens.
What if the table brokes/breaks?
Besides punch the drunk player in the face, what the TD should do?
The tournament is cancelled and even chop the money?
Take the chips of this table and split evenly between the players?
Ask for the players how many chips they have and try to restore the stacks?

Sorry for my english, not my native language.

Thank you

Nick C

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Re: What's if the table broke/break?
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 02:32:47 PM »
Welcome Proffanno,

 I like the idea of the TD punching the drunk in the face! However, this would be totally unacceptable. :D

 The ideal fix would be to recognize that the player has consumed too much alcohol, and deal around him. It's unfortunate whenever a player becomes inebriated and attempts to participate in any poker tournament. They generally become loud, obnoxious, and almost always slow down the action. So, I believe that the dealers, floor and other players must speak up before any situation gets out of control. Stop dealing and resolve any issue that contributes to arguments.

 We always welcome as many players as possible to participate in our tournaments. We must also let them know that their participation is a privilege that can be taken away if they fail to abide by our rules. If your house rules do not cover intoxication, I suggest you add a rule that does. Remember, your casino could be liable if one of your patrons suffers an injury.

 As far as the game is concerned, I think that the remaining players would find a way to continue playing. Most players are pretty honorable when it comes to "how many chips they had" before the table collapsed.

 I hope this is the first of many posts for you, Proffanno, and I hope your issues will be more game related. :) Thanks for the unique question.


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Re: What's if the table broke/break?
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2014, 10:30:28 AM »
Like Nick said, staff should have taken care of the issue before it got that far.  Obviously the player had been allowed too much to drink if things got that far.

The player is disqualified. 

With that being said, if the table were to break, I would have asked for chip estimates from the players and then I would have went to surveillance to see what I could determine from the footage.  Hopefully I could reconstruct the stacks and then we would continue with play.

Worst case scenario, I guess chop it up between the remaining players (not the disqualified player).

Besides punch the drunk player in the face, what the TD should do?

Best question ever!  I think that falls under Rule #1?  ;D
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