Author Topic: Action out of turn: does interim all-in for less than the bet change the action?  (Read 7126 times)


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The TDA received the following interesting question, which pertains to TDA Rule 38-A, posted here anonymously:

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From: name withheld
Subject: OOP All in calls

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Here is a situation example that I have seen occur three times in a tournament at [location withheld]

Player A = 8,000 chips
Player B = 5,000 chips
Player C = 10,000 chips

Player A pushes all in. Player C calls verbally OOP. Player B now pushes all in.

Is player C required to call? Has the action changed? In each case the second all in was less than the first all in. Does the size of C's chip stack matter?

One floor person ruled that a second all in changed the action and C is not required to call. Another floor person ruled that C must call because the action (8,000 chip bet) has not changed.

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A call, or undercall in this circumstance, would not be action-changing in my opinion.  C is still forced to call A's all-in.
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I agree with Tristan.


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I agree as well.