Author Topic: Special Genesis Gaming Summit on Bravo Poker & Pit Systems June 25-26 at Caesars  (Read 10181 times)


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Genesis Gaming Solutions, platinum sponsors of Poker TDA Summit VI will be holding a special Bravo Poker and Pit Summit June 25 and 26 at Caesar's Palace:

Genesis will be featuring the Bravo Poker System on June 25 so TDA attendees will be able to attend a full presentation of Bravo Poker on June 25, and then attend both days of Poker TDA Summit VI on June 26 and 27. Then on June 26 Genesis will feature the Bravo Pit System at their Summit.

Bravo Poker is overwhelmingly the system choice for Poker Room Management and Live Tournament promotion (see by TDA member venues. Please take this opportunity to become more familiar with Bravo Poker and all it's features, June 25, at Caesar's Palace. For more information on the Bravo Summit visit:

Randy Knust of Genesis will also be addressing the TDA Summit live on June 27, but you'll get a much more in-depth look at Bravo Poker on June 25!

Also if you have a friend or colleague who would benefit from an in-depth presentation on the Bravo Pit Management System on June 26, by all means refer them to this Summit !
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