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Back to Koroknai and Baumann
« on: February 17, 2013, 08:59:15 AM »
 I was trying to locate the prior post from the controversial hand of the 2012 WSOP between Koroknai and Baumann. After thinking about it many times, I had a couple ideas that I'd like to run by our members.

 First: How would you rule if Koroknai's raise and fold occurred after the river card, (instead of pre-flop)? What if Baumann had the nut hand?
If this changes your original ruling, can you explain why?

 I have one other suggestion that may influence the outcome in the future. Let's say that after Koroknai's hand was irretrievably mucked, the flop, turn and river were placed on the table? Baumann had pocket kings. Let's say that she winds up with the nut hand? Would you consider running the board in this situation?

 Finally: Here is my proposal for a new rule:
 Any winning player must be awarded the pot before he releases his cards to the muck.
 At the showdown: The winning hand must be tabled or retained by the owner until the pot is awarded.
 Showdown procedure cautions against the winner, releasing their hand until the pot has been pushed to them by the dealer.


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