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Card leaves table
« on: February 10, 2010, 09:04:15 AM »
If a card leaves the table during the second round of the deal, is it a misdeal or is this card used a burncard?
If its a burn card is it exposed to whole table?
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Stuart Murray

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Re: Card leaves table
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Rule 27 of the TDA rule set:

27.   Misdeals
In stud-type games, if any of the player's two down cards are exposed due to dealer error it is a misdeal. In flop games, exposure of one of the first two cards dealt is a misdeal. Players may be dealt two consecutive cards on the button.

Roberts Rules of Poker Says the following:

12. Procedure for an exposed card varies with the poker form, and is given in the section for each game. A card that is flashed by a dealer is treated as an exposed card. A card that is flashed by a player will play. To obtain a ruling on whether a card was exposed and should be replaced, a player should announce that the card was flashed or exposed before looking at it. A downcard dealt off the table is an exposed card.
13. If a card is exposed due to dealer error, a player does not have an option to take or reject the card. The situation will be governed by the rules for the particular game being played.

It is a common thing for a card to leave the table, providing it was the dealer whom made it leave the table the card WILL NOT play, the player does not get the option of keeping it.  It is shown to all players and announced as an exposed card and used as the first burn card.