Author Topic: Sugg. for new Recommended Procedure to clarify house policies  (Read 10854 times)


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Sugg. for new Recommended Procedure to clarify house policies
« on: October 10, 2012, 12:23:16 PM »
Over the years there are a few issues that have surfaced for which a clear super-majority of TDA members has not yet come to agreement. For such issues, is it a good idea to adopt a recommended procedure that the house position on them be put in writing?  For example (not an exhaustive list):

1: Whether or not the surviving hand in an uncontested non all-in showdown must be shown (since the other competitor(s) have mucked face-down at showdown).
2: Whether forward motion or chips-release is in effect for binding a bet
3: Whether or not a betting / folding line is being used
4: When does a hand become irretrievably mucked at showdown? Conversely, up to what point a hand may be tabled by it's owner and compete for the pot. This would include whether a statement of folding (or other statement / gesture of capitulation) has any binding meaning at showdown.

etc. etc... please feel free to add any other such topics in this thread.
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