Author Topic: "Substantial action" in heads-up play  (Read 14119 times)

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Re: "Substantial action" in heads-up play
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 I thought that I explained it. I'll say it again, you will become very familiar with the angle-shooters and deliberate offenders. One warning is sufficient. After that, there is no grace period, or letting a repeat incident...well, slide. How many times do you have to tell someone to bet in turn?

 As far as changing the wording on 29.2, I'm not sure when action is backed up to them is more appropriate. There really is no backing up after substantial action. If the players or the dealer is on top of the "accidental" out of turn, and it is corrected before substantial action occurs, I believe the action should then be corrected and "backed up."

 I see no reason for a rule, that covers such an important topic, to be unclear or lacking a few critical lines that could...well...fix it!

 I have no problem changing a few words here and there. I think everyone understands the serious consequences for out of turn action. Therefore continued discussion on this subject would be welcome.