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Re: Dealer mistake
« Reply #15 on: December 30, 2011, 09:48:31 AM »
 I'm not saying you are wrong. I agree that the dealer was the main reason for the mistake. The situation described by spades is a one in a million happening (if that). The Player in the 10 seat may have yelled "CALL," but it was obviously unclear to the dealer. I only mentioned that if he had pushed his chips forward it might have been more clear that he was calling. I was really looking for more information from the original post. It could have been that there were only 3 players in the hand; the 4 seat UTG, the 8 seat SB, and the 10 seat BB. I asked what happened to the 4 seat after the 10 seat said call? Remember the 4 seat player made the first raise. Wouldn't the 4 seat act after the 10 seat? Hmmm....There was no mention of that player, and there hasen't been since I asked the question on my first reply.
 I would never make a habit of splitting a pot. You have to admit this was a very rare occurrance.

I will assume that there are only three players in this hand or it gets even worse to reenact. I put myself in the dealer's position when I go over a scenario like this:
 We can ASSUME that all other players folded, or the 8 seat is SB (200), the 10 seat is the BB (400). The 4 seat player UTG raises to 1200, the 8 seat player re-raises to 3400. The 10 seat player re-raises to 8200. We must ASSUME again that the 4 seat player folded, because that player is never mentioned again, right? Action back to the 8 seat who pushes all-in. There is no mention of how much his all-in was? Did he even have the 8200 to complete the call? Or should we ASSUME again that it was obvious the raise had the 10 seat covered and it was a substantial amount. Finally, how in the hell did the dealer not pay attention to that kind of action in a head to head confrontation?


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Re: Dealer mistake
« Reply #16 on: December 30, 2011, 02:32:34 PM »
... Finally, how in the hell did the dealer not pay attention to that kind of action in a head to head confrontation?

Because the Dealer wanted to be somewhere else but there.  Or he was thinking of how nice it would be if he won his fantasy football league, or to date the girl (or guy) across the table, or to be in bed after his shift was over, or... :) :)  It's a human error, and I can sympathize as even the best trained dealers have lapses in concentration from time to time.   

Happy New Year!


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Re: Dealer mistake
« Reply #17 on: December 30, 2011, 05:20:08 PM »
just to make clear something important the dealer didn t took the players card but just mixed the muck and the deck to start with the shuffle and then everything was stopped by the players realizing the dealer mistake.
If that is the only issue then yesa the stub should be reassembled as best you can. If the top of the deck remains clear then the delaer shouild pick up as much as necessary to complete the board cards. If it is completely mixed into the muck then you are going to have to shuffle everyting together. This will still create a random outcome for the players hands but may now include some of the cards that people had the chance to muck. It may be too bad if someone now wins because a mucked card comes on the board but it is the only way to continue the hand to completion.