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TOS guidelines and FAQ
« on: January 13, 2010, 12:25:43 PM »
To make the Poker TDA Forum as useful as possible, please follow these simple guidelines. These are in addition to the general terms of service which you accepted when joining the Forum :

1) Avoid excessive argumentation and especially name-calling. Disagreements happen, that's fine, just keep it reasonably civil. Forum management reserves the right to edit or delete any offending postings.

2) If you have an event, job, or product offering, please keep it related to poker with the minimal amount of embellishment. If it's of interest to our members they will see that for themselves. Forum management reserves the right to edit or delete any postings deemed overly commercial or non-pertinent to the subject matter of this forum.

3) Try to place your New Topics in the appropriate category. Review the subject matter of each board before choosing where to post.

4) The forum management is not responsible for any personal information you may reveal, such as contacts, etc. Don't publically post anything you don't want others to learn of.

5) Please report any offensive postings. There is a button for reporting adjacent to each post.

6) If we can improve this forum in any way, please contact us via e-mail.