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2024 Summit


Dave Miller:
I know it’s a bit early, and I’m not sure if this is the place to post this, but…

I’m betting there’s going to be a Summit in 2024, but has any discussion of the dates happened yet?

I’ve never gone, but I always wanted to. One of the things holding me back was the relatively late notice about when it will be, and the airfare involved. Where is irrelevant, assuming it’s going to be somewhere on the strip…


Dave Miller:
Since Black Friday hotel and air fares are almost upon us, I thought Id ask again. After all, not everyone that wants to attend has an expense account for this type of thing.

Any idea when the next summit will be?

Hey Dave, sorry bout the late response, haven't checked in on this place in a while.
It's usually right around Independence Day - first week of July.
I've been to the last 3, and they were all during that long weekend.
That doesn't mean it always will happen then, but since at least 2017, that's when it was.
Most likely at the Aria, either in a convention space inside Aria, or at the PokerGo studio which is connected to the Aria building.

Was just posted. June 29, 30 2024

Dave Miller:
Thanks for the update.

Unfortunately, I have a wedding to go to on the 30th. ☹️

Maybe next time….


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