Single chip call or raise query?

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Hello there,

Just was watching a poker vid on YouTube and came across this comment.

ĎI've seen people in a $1/$3 or $2/$3 game say "five", and put a $5 chip in, which is a raise to $6, because that's the minimum. If it was $2/$4, that would be a call, but if they said "raise to five", it would be a raise to $8. Seems pretty unlikely someone would make that mistake in a $2/$4 game though.í

Is this statement correct? As it was my assumption that all verbal declarations that insinuate or clearly say raise and is in this example under raises, they are forced to fully min raise. The multiple chip rule does not apply here either so if you donít say raise it could be considered a call. Any thoughts?


Nick C:
Hi, W0lfster,

Nice to know that you're still involved in poker.

Any way you can send that Youtube link?

There's a difference between calling a bet and initiating a bet, as you know.

I'll check back later and see if there is anything you can add to clarify.

Hello Nick,

Yes I am indeed!

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately itís not in the video but rather comments section, I can send it to you if you still want?

That would be great thank you 😀

Nick C:

Send it and I'll give it a shot!

Nick C:
Why would any player say 5 facing a 3 blind?

According to TDA rules...In your example of the player saying "raise to 5" while facing a 4 bet...yes, of course it would have to be the min raise to 8.

Remember, TDA Rules do not allow verbal confusing bets...such as: No limit 2/3 blinds...Raise it 20 more! That would be the total allowed (20}...not 23

I don't like it, but that's what the TDA wants!


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