Exposed cards and straddles

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Hello there,

Just wondering in regards to exposed cards I think we can all agree that killing an exposed hand is out of the question but what happens if a card leaves the table and it stays face down on the floor? Is this regarded as exposed and therefore must be played face up for the remainder of the hand?

In addition, when it comes to straddles, is this regarded as already acting on your hand? The reason I ask this is in case there is an underraise all in by another player preflop. If everyone calls can the straddler raise or only call?


Dave Miller:
If a card flies off the table while being dealt, it is treated as a regular exposed card while being dealt. In other words, even if it lands face down, it must be shown to every player and replaced with a burn card. The reason is simple. What if it was face up and only the player who was dealt that card saw it? Obviously if itís an ace, he will claim it was face down. Therefore he doesnít get the option to choose. It gets replaced and exposed to everyone.

If the player is fiddling with his cards and one falls off the table, then it is ruled a dead hand.

If at showdown, a player is merely trying to table his hand and a card bounces off? That is a judgement call.

Straddles are not allowed in tournaments. Ever.

In cash games, straddles are considered an extra blind, and if nobody raises, the straddler still has that option to raise.

Nick C:

I don't believe a person who straddles can raise unless another player raises the initial straddle.

I also would not kill a hand that was accidently exposed.

Dave Miller:
The entire point of a straddle is to retain the option to raise when nobody else raised. Otherwise, it would be called a blind raise.

And Iíll repeat that straddles are never allowed in tournaments.

Kill an accidentally exposed hand? No.

But if a card goes off the table due to player fiddling or other negligence, then it probably should be killed, although can be up to the floorís discretion. Reason? While it might be unlikely to happen, it prevents card swapping.

Nick C:

Always nice to hear from you. I believe that a card off the table (very ratre) by a dealer must be replaced. the player has no option to keep the card face up or down. However, a card dropped by a player during a deal must be kept by that player. I see no reason to justify killing the hand.

As far as the straddle, I guess I will have to get into it a little more. I rarely even play anymore so I might be out of the loop, so to speak!

Thanks for always being there...without you, there would be little to talk about.


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