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The ‘New Normal’?


Dave Miller:
As I've mentioned in the past, I'm a lead dealer / manager for a Pub Poker league in northern NJ.

The league's post-Covid plan is to wait until bars are allowed to go to full capacity, and then see what's what before making any decision. I'm thinking September at the earliest.

Even though I'm in NJ, I keep a close watch on Las Vegas and Nevada. Hell, Vegas is like a second home to me.

Last week, Nevada Gaming came out with some rules for reopening, which include a max of 4 players at a poker table.

At about the same time, photos like this one have been circulating on the socials.

Personally, I wonder/hope the 4 player rule is intended if there are no dividers like this.

So I figured I'd ask this group of TDAs and other industry insiders what your thoughts are, and what has been discussed for your own poker rooms.


Nick C:
Looks good to me. I thought dividers between players would be good enough but if they (whoever they are) don't approve this... we're in trouble. 4 handed sucks...unless there are 4 of you left and you're all in the money!


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