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Hello everyone... with Massachusetts' first casino just opened and another opening in about a year, I am thinking about finally making the jump from amateur to professional poker dealer. My big question is regarding what you get hired for. Is the industry norm to hire someone just for poker or do most people get hired to deal all table games? I know there might be differences between companies, but what is the industry norm? I already have poker and blackjack covered, but the other games I don't have any experience with (I don't even know how to play craps much less deal it!)

Nick C:
Hi, Greg...been away for quite some time but back in the day the poker dealers were specialists, so to speak, and there was no need to learn all table "banking games." However, I'm sure that there are many that would like you to learn everything...they might even want you to learn how to drive stick shift just in case things get slow in the poker room, they can shoot you out to valet parking.
Seriously, I actually attended craps school before I went to poker school. The check handling skills I learned were very helpful when I switched to poker. One other mention: many of the poker students that I've trained went on to deal blackjack instead...many. The cards are different but the mechanical skills they learned in my class served them well when they switched from KEM cards to BEE.  Some were very good poker dealers, too. The reasons for the switch were easy to figure. There was always more of a need for Black Jack dealers. That was my limited experience from long ago. Craps and poker are absolutely nothing alike and I doubt that you will find many dealers that are proficient at both. You sure sound like a poker guy to me but there's no question, the more games you know the better the odds of getting hired. My best to you in your endeavor.

Dave Miller:
Generally, the poker personnel are separate from the casino floor personnel. Separate departments as well. Only in extreme circumstances would there be any crossover.

As a poker dealer, you need to know No Limit inside out. And by that I mean knowing the rules, knowing when a floor person needs to be called (even if you know the rule!), and stupid tricky stuff such as remembering where the button is, cutting side pots and knowing who is in which pot.

Once you have those skills, add PLO, which requires keeping a running total of the pot size in your head, ready to respond when someone raises "pot".

On the casino floor, you need to know craps, or BJ plus at least one other game to even be considered for a job. Once hired, you can learn additional games, although often craps dealers end up doing nothing but craps and other dealers deal everything except craps. It's fine to not know craps, however, knowing craps may be an advantage when getting hired.

For your situation, don't even think of trying to learn craps to get that advantage I speak of. And if all you know is poker and BJ, go for the poker job, and discuss the possibility of eventually working the casino floor.

Good luck!

Thank you for both for that information! I still have a lot of variables I am considering before actually moving forward, but this was very helpful.


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