Author Topic: Refunding uncalled bets by a hand that is subsequently killed or fouled  (Read 5245 times)


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Should Rule 65-A clarify when a hand is fouled or killed, such as:

65:  Accidentally Killed / Fouled / Exposed Hands[/b]
A: Players must protect their hands at all times, including at showdown while waiting for hands to be read.If the dealer kills a hand by mistake or if in TDs judgement a hand is fouled and cannot be identified to 100% certainty, the player has no redress and is not entitled to a refund of called bets. If the player initiated a bet or raise and hasnít been called before the hand is killed or fouled, the uncalled amount will be returned.

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Nick C

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Hi, Mike

 I've been giving your suggestion a little thought. I wonder if this would help?
Any player who bets or raises is entitled to a refund of the uncalled amount if his or her hand is fouled our ruled dead before it is called. This rule will not pertain to a prematurely "ditched hand" by the owner.

Trying to find a way to word this to prevent a player from ditching his hand while bluffing. ;D

What do you think?