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In your poker rooms, what TDA rules do you not apply to cash games.
Would like to hear from as many of you as possible to get an idea of what the "norm" is.
I feel that there shouldn't be too many differences between cash and tournament rules.
Obviously the rules that only apply to tournament are irrelevant - balancing tables, chip race etc wouldn't apply
I'm talking betting/raising rules, out of turn action, asking to see a hand, etc
"Face up for all ins" is one that usually isn't applied to cash games.
Any others in your poker rooms?
Thank you very much in advance

Dave Miller:
Iíve often felt that this group should be called the Poker Managers Association. After all, thereís a lot of overlap between cash and tournament.

Similarly, Iíd like to see a section of the rules that addresses the cash differences.

Really? No one can help me out here?

Ok I'll just ask about a few specific ones:

Asking to see a hand, do you use the TDA rule in cash games also?
They must still have possession of their cards

Verbally saying a number is the same as silently pushing out that amount in chips
Apparently some places only use that rule in tournament. So if in a cash game someone bets 60 and the next person SAYS "one hundred" its treated differently in cash than in a tourney?
In a tournament that would be the same as if they had put out 100 in chips, therefore making them have to complete the min raise to 120. But in cash it would be deemed just a call???
I cannot see a reason why that would not apply to cash games also

Calling for a clock
Since TDA is now 30 seconds, do you do 30 seconds for cash games now? Or still 60 seconds for cash game

Any betting/raising rules you do differently for tournament and cash

What about out of turn action, any differences for tournament and cash

Besides face up for all ins, I dont really see the need for many differences between tournament and cash game rules

thank you in advance to whomever gives me some feedback :)

Dave Miller:
Donít know why youíre not getting replies.

I deal in a pub poker league, and play at my local casino, so take this for what it's worth.

You bring up some differences I never would have considered.

The only differences I was thinking of, besides the all in face up, were regarding posting, straddles, chopping the blinds, missed blinds, and any be-at-your-seat-before-the-deal leeway.

Silent unclear action is handled differently? Wow. Why? What's the thought logic there?

Different clock duration? Why? Of course, I applaud making it shorter. When a dealer calls the floorman for the clock, it can often take a minute to get a floorman at the table just to start the timer! (On a side note, I've suggested to Bravo that they use that last button for a timer, so the dealer can start it right away.)

For the record, I was unaware that calling clock was reduced to 30 seconds. We do 30 seconds in the league, but that's primarily because we're a short-stack super-turbo format.

Thank you Dave!!

I don't see why there should be differences either.
This is just what I am being told by others, and I wanted to see if there was any merit to what they were saying.

Face up for all ins, seems like the only difference there should be.

It just seems to make sense to keep things as consistent as possible.

Hopefully some others will chime in with their input


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