Author Topic: Pot Limit game: bettor receives incorrect pot count from dealer, how to handle?  (Read 7701 times)


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Thanks to Luca for raising the question of incorrect pot-size information from the dealer in a PL game. Link to discussion is here:


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We have to separate this in two situations :

1. Player declares a pot bet then receives incorrect pot count
2. Player asks for the pot amount or max raise allowed, receives incorrect pot count then bets.

1. Verbal is binding, bet amount must be fixed to the correct value. However, we need to decide what we do if Substantial Actions occurred

a. The player bets less than the correct value (dealer announced a lower amount)
The bet is valid, he would be allowed to fill in to the correct value if he wants to

b. The player bets more than the correct value (dealer announced a higher amount)
The bet is invalid, it must be corrected

I thought about including silent betting cases, but it seems to change nothing. (I could be wrong)

Do you agree with this ?