Author Topic: Facing a bet, player puts out last chip (an overchip) silently. Call or all-in?  (Read 3503 times)


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This twist on Rule 45 is the subject of several threads, including this one:


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Hello Mike,

It seems difficult to not sticking to the rule 45.

ie. 10k chip on 100-200 blinds.

It needs some details about the ratio between chip value and current betting round.
Seems too tricky because of the dealer discretion.

Dave Miller

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I don't know why there is any confusion. It's a single oversize chip. Period.

The fact that the player has no other chips is irrelevant.

It's not the dealer's job to second-guess the player's intention, or to check the player's stack size or contents.

After all, how is this different than a player who has a mountain of 100 chips who puts out a 500 chip when facing the 200 bet? Sure, common sense dictates that the player should use those 100 chips, but common sense goes out the window when you're talking about poker players. So that's a call, just like the last chip scenario is also a call.
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Nick C

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Agree with Dave 100%...Please...leave this one alone! ::)