Author Topic: Is clarifiction needed to awarding odd chip to "best 5 card hand" for the low?  (Read 1652 times)


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A question was submitted regarding 2015 Rule 19-B as it relates to awarding the odd chip when the low side is split. Re-posted here anonymously:

Quick question on Rule #19.  I got an email about whether or not part B for stud meant the high card by suit in the 5 card low hand.  I responded of course it did, but I noted the language is a little ambiguous.

“Odd chip goes to the high card by suit in the best 5 card hand”

Is that the best 5 card stud high hand even for a low split?  The high card of the two lows?  What does the best 5 card hand actually mean, specifically for Stud/8?

Don’t you love it when we quibble over the meaning of one or two words hahaha. See you in 2017.
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The language of "best 5 card hand" was adopted at the 2013 Summit at the Venetian to eliminate the idea that you could award to the highest card in a 7-stud if the card was one of the two cards not making up the best hand of 5.

The intent is that for two or more players tying for high or for low (but not both), the high card by suit will get the odd chip. And this applies to both splitting the low and the high:

For splitting high: the best 5 card high hand will be determined, and the odd chip awarded to the high card by suit.

For splitting low: the best 5 card low hand will be determined, and the odd chip awarded to the high card by suit (not the low card).

The exception being if you have two or more players with hands swinging both high and low (two or more wheels for example), then you split "as evenly as possible" as shown in the Illustration Addendum.

Should we add an example of one-way splitting as in red above to the Addendum also? Should the language of the rule be tweaked in order to clarify this issue?

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I know of this rule but for the life of me, I can not understand why, in the world it was ever changed. To not allow the highest card you are holding but considering only the highest 6 (by suit) in their 6 high straight is puzzleing to say the least. What a waste of a rule change. :o
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