Author Topic: PLAYER LEAVING FOR BREAK  (Read 10381 times)


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What director says worth more than what appear on the screens.
If director says will be 20minutos break and than appear 15 minutes there, what director says worth more than screens show.
If clock paused for the break and diretor says, we going to play more 3 hands before the break, dealers must listen him and keep giving cards to complete the hands announced.
also if break ends and clock start, dealers must need to wait the director announce the shuffle up and deal to give the cards.

and once any mistake as occuried, everyone can make this, we dont need to correct a mistake with anouther mistake. dealer give another hand after break announce is a mistake, but also a mistake of the player dont wait the hand finish and confirm the break, he is the must interested on the tournament. give him his chips back for me is correct a mistake with another mistake.

Just my opinion =)
thank you