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2015 Rules 1.0 - #1 Floor Decisions
« on: September 07, 2015, 08:58:52 AM »
As we know, this rule has been around for a long time.  I would like to discuss a couple of points:

1) WSOP rules differ by first defining the Floor People as: The Tournament Director, Managers, and Supervisors and then, more importantly: "The Tournament Director (“TD”) reserves the right to overrule any floor decision" whereas TDA #1 says "Floor decisions are final.".  The EPT puts it this way The decisions of the Tournament Direct and/or Floor Personnel are final.

2) The 2015 TDA Rules use "floor" and "TD" in numerous places.  Yet, nowhere does it define or distinquish the TD and floor or their roles.

Should TDA make more clear the difference between TD and floor?  Also, are these terms being used correctly and consistently throughout the rules?
TD is used in:


10:  Balancing Tables and Halting Play
13:  Tabling Cards & Killing Winning Hand
16:  Non All-In Showdowns
17:  Asking to See a Hand
24:  Cards & Chips Kept Visible, Countable, & Manageable. Discretionary Color-Ups
27:  Calling for a Clock
37:  Methods of Betting: Verbal and Chips
39:  Binding Declarations / Undercalls in Turn
41:  Methods of Calling
49:  Accepted Action
54:  Conditional Statements
57:  All-In with Chips Found Behind Later
60:  Accidentally Killed / Fouled Hands

Illustration Addendum

Rule 17: Asking to See a Hand
Rule 39: Binding Declarations / Undercalls in Turn
Rule 52: Non-Standard and Unclear Betting

Floor is used in:

1:  Floor Decisions
27:  Calling for a Clock
36:  Four-Card Flops and Premature Cards
40:  Action Out of Turn (OOT)
55:  Count of Opponent’s Chip Stack

Illustration Addendum
Rule 40-B: Substantial Action Out of Turn (OOT)

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