Author Topic: EPT over TDA in Europe?  (Read 4850 times)

Guillaume Gleize

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EPT over TDA in Europe?
« on: July 21, 2015, 04:11:08 AM »

As I use to say: I'm here in Europe one of the numerous defensor of the TDA even when it goes against the EPT or against my own preferences: I defend and fight to stick to the TDA because I'm a UNIONIST and think that the more important is to have a common world rule that to follow the rule we prefer.

But it's hard here because the EPT is very respected by the European players and when his rules are different, many players argue that "the TDA is wrong and the EPT is right".

And ... The horrible news that during the last meeting the TDA cancelled the "FIRST CARD OFF" rule (player away from his seat during the deal) and went back to the "LAST CARD OFF" old system:

Here in Europe the first pro staff contacts I asked said that they will NEVER go back to this rule "unless the EPT do it" and the point is that Neil Johnson (EPT) left the TDA meeting very pessimist about this decision saying that his own TD's won't follow the TDA in most of the cases ... !!!

It's terrible because not only this new-old rule has a risk not to be applied in Europe but also the TDA gives an image of "weakness" going to a rule - then yes - then no - from one year to another!
Some people also whisper that personnalities like Daniel Negreanu rule the TDA and this and that ... Blah Blah Blah

I use to fight from long years against the scepticism of the EPT fans TD's Floors and Dealers ... I thought they were recently respecting more and more the TDA but this last decision put me back in the early situation having some of them saying I'm too "TDA addicted", not enough "European and free spirit" etc.

Waiting for any union about it, I will maybe apply what I was doing for years: "Last Card Off" during most of the tourney and "First Card Off" durint all the hand by hand situation (to sit the players and clear the alleys).

The American Civil War started with fort Sumter, the "TDA Rules War" will start the very next time Daniel Negreanu will cross the ocean, play an EPT and stand away from his seat while the VERY FIRST CARD WILL BE DEALED ... MOUARF!

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Nick C

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Re: EPT over TDA in Europe?
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 06:24:31 AM »

 I can't speak for the BOD but, if you are having a difficult time making changes to comply with "all" of the TDA rules...don't. If you feel that the old rule, or EPT Rules are more practical for your events, use them. In past Summits, the BOD have made it very clear that all card rooms do not have to follow every rule to be in compliance with the TDA. You are an active member and have always expressed your concerns whenever a rule conflicts with what you feel is the best solution for a particular situation.

 If your players are dissatisfied with "your" rules, it will never be in your best interest to apply them. Good house rules, that protect the players and promote fairness for all, will be the best way for you to gain the trust of all.

 My short reply: You do not have to follow 100% of the TDA rules...nobody does. Do what's best for you, your employees, and your patrons!

Guillaume Gleize

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Re: EPT over TDA in Europe?
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2015, 05:05:19 PM »
TY for the advice.

I realise I was maybe one of the very few to try to apply 99% of the TDA

Becoming harder now if the big bosses of the main tourneys desagree!