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Who has the final word?
« on: September 06, 2014, 05:07:31 PM »
What exactly is the purpose of the TDA?  Do you actually amend Robert's Rules or is there a similar but slightly different set of TDA rules?
The reason I ask is that we have always followed Robert's Rules, but my instinct is to go to the people who make these decisions in real world scenarios on a daily basis and a ruling came up recently that is directly conflicting between the two sources.
It was regarding 4 cards being put out on the flop.  Robert's says reshuffle, while the TDA says have a floor person remove one random card to be used as the burn.
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Re: Who has the final word?
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Hi Evil, interesting question:

There's only one set of TDA Rules and Recommended Procedures:  

The purpose of the TDA is to increase the standardization of rules used in the poker tournament industry ( When the Association began in 2001 you could walk across Las Vegas Blvd from one casino to the next and the tournament rules would change; let alone going to California or elsewhere. Players and traveling floor staff didn't know what to expect from venue to venue.

The approach of the TDA is not to "amend" RRoP or any other set of rules. The Association meets once every two years to discuss rules in the following situations:

1: Where there is an absence of rule(s) specifically applicable to tournament poker as opposed to single-table cash poker
2: Where the conventional rules (such as as RRoP or other common / traditional rules) are not sufficiently clear, or there is no single rule on the topic that is uniformly used
3: And (more rare), where the delegates vote to adopt a new conventional rule that is different from a long-standing traditional rule. These are rare and usually happen because the newly-adopted rule is more clear and expedient in application, or can be more predictably and uniformly applied.

But ultimately the choice of which rules to use is a house decision and the TDA respects the autonomy of all tournament-hosts to adopt a final set of rules as each sees fit in their sole judgment.
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