Author Topic: Player wells chips in tournament  (Read 9408 times)


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Player wells chips in tournament
« on: November 23, 2009, 01:17:05 PM »
I have a question? I run a poker league in sw Florida and one of my events a player got upset and threw her chips in and left the table and walk out of the building but returned to the table. what would the ruling be. She left for three hands and was not in the blinds at the time of her absence but was not delt any cards either. Her chips were welled by the dealer and the dealer had a count on the chips before welling.  Would she be able to return to the game or should she have been disqualified.  Thanks for your time, John
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Re: Player wells chips in tournament
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2009, 01:56:37 PM »
Throwing your chips around is a pretty good start if you are looking to get disqualified  :)
You as the TD should give her the penalty (if any) before the next hand starts. If she is disqualified her chips should be taken out of play. If not, then she should have received cards.

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Re: Player wells chips in tournament
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I am unclear on why her chips would have been put into the well by the dealer if she had not been DQ'd by the TD. She should have continued to receive cards and post blinds as needed. When her stack went broke, she'd have been out. The other players should have a chance to get the chips back during her posts rather than have them held separately. What if she hadn't returned before the blinds? Imagine what a mess that would have been, if she'd have owed blinds? Until a player 100% (for whatever reason) isn't coming back, the chips stay on the table and the seat is dealt in.
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Re: Player wells chips in tournament
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2009, 05:52:57 AM »
Yes, the case is very clear. Either :

- The player says to the dealer or a staff member that he leaves and WILL NOT come back, then his chips are put out of the tournament and you decrease the number of players still playing.

- The player leaves the table without saying it, or even saying he's not sure, then his chips stay on the table, cards are dealt to him and he's blinded off until the end of the stack.

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