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Title: Prematured Turn Card
Post by: Terence Bertault on August 16, 2016, 04:02:03 AM
Hi guys,

I really think we ve got to change this rule ...

I have seen Thomas Gimie, an EPT and WSOP-C using the best rule possible I think and I ve already explained it here ...

Yes it can be risky to put the river burned card and river face down on the table before putting the prematured card in the deck and shuffle it but for me it's really the best rule ...

It s a lake of equity to change the end of the board ...

For me, I use this rule and there's no risk at all if the TD do it ...

Maybe we've got to do the same for a prematured flop ...

I hope you understand my saying ... ahah

Friendly regards.

Title: Re: Prematured Turn Card
Post by: Nick C on August 17, 2016, 07:51:10 AM

 I've given others a chance to respond, but nothing yet. Maybe they are having some difficulty understanding your question. The best way to resolve this would be to cover the different scenario's. A premature flop...what do we do? First, we must announce that the flop will not, we must complete the action, (i.e. a player was not given the opportunity to call) allowing the "skipped" player a chance to fold, call, or raise if eligible. The premature flop can not stand, even if the skipped player decides to fold.

 The procedure described in the TDA Rules is the best method, in my opinion. You might question why the burn remains on the table and is not reshuffled into the stub, but at least we know that the "proper" burn card will not reappear. I believe the description given is perfect. There is one caution that I'd like to add: dealers, be very careful not to expose any cards during your reshuffle. This will require special attention to avoid the standard shuffle procedure and use a method that would not require any lifting of the cards...a scramble or a nice mix of the cards flat on the table is suggested. A final cut onto the cut card and you are ready for the new flop! Remember not to burn again!

 Terence, my guess is, you might rather shuffle in the burn card, too, Is that correct? If so, I don't see that as being an issue, it is not what the TDA suggests but, I'm sure you would still be in compliance because a slight change in a rule does not prevent you from using the TDA Rules. I'm sure Mike Bishop will have something to tell you about this situation. As far as the turn and river, they are both covered in the TDA Rules under RP (recommended procedures). Hope this helps.
Title: Re: Prematured Turn Card
Post by: Terence Bertault on August 17, 2016, 12:02:21 PM
Hi Nick,

It's sure it will help.

I will take my time to undertand all of your post before trying to answer.

Friendly regards.