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Title: Required Reading
Post by: Uniden32 on August 20, 2015, 02:07:33 PM
Someone asked me to give them a list of required reading material in hopes of becoming a floor person.  I gave him the Big Three (TDA, Robert's Rules of Poker and Hilton Poker Room Rules).

Was curious as to any other suggestions everyone might have to add to this list.
Title: Re: Required Reading
Post by: Nick C on August 21, 2015, 05:43:59 AM
Rules of Poker by Chuck Ferry, and R.O.P.E. by Thomas McGee
Title: Re: Required Reading
Post by: Motobaka72 on April 02, 2018, 05:35:39 AM
I would also add The Professional Poker Dealer's Handbook, Ive found it very helpful.
Title: Re: Required Reading
Post by: Nick C on April 02, 2018, 09:25:37 AM

 I'm familiar with The Professional Dealer's HANDBOOK...It was one that I highly recommended to my students when I was teaching. There is one critical error in reference to "pitching cards" that warrants a mention. The edition that I have is the second edition printed in 2005 so it might have been corrected in later publications. The section I am referring to is PITCHING DOWN CARDS. Dealers are instructed to extend the middle finger straight out to the table with a quick smooth stroke. Follow through the tip of your middle finger should end up touching the table. This is incorrect!

There is even a footnote at the bottom of the page that warns about carpal tunnel syndrome! When the pitch is properly executed the pitch finger moves forward about 1 inch and there is no follow through. This might sound trivial to many but if you are considering training dealers please do not follow the book!

 There is also another slight disagreement that I have with the author. They say the river card should be pitched-not slid-to the player. They do mention that a few cardrooms prefer the latter method. They need to clarify that they are referring to the down card to a player seated to the immediate right of the seated dealer. The 9 or 10 seat in Hold'em or the 8 seat in stud. The reason is: Pitching a down card to that seat (for a right-handed dealer) is very tricky. There is a high risk of exposing the card or hitting the players hand with the card, or even the risk of hitting the rake-slide. In any event, I have always executed what I call a "drop and slide" to that seat, even when dealing down cards in hold' it's not just the river but any down card dealt to that seat. If your boss tells you to pitch the card instead, just remember I warned you when the cards start flashing! :)

Okay, I'm all through knocking an otherwise excellent book.