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Title: RAZZ
Post by: chet on November 22, 2009, 09:03:09 PM
Razz is a WSOP Bracelet Event and also part of the Mixed Game, HORSE Event.  However, I am not aware of any site that clarifies the rules for RAZZ.  I would like to see those rules here.
Title: Re: RAZZ
Post by: pokerfish on December 07, 2009, 11:06:29 AM
IMO the TDA site isn't where rules for the poker games will ever be posted but rather specifics for tournament situations. That said, the stud specific rulings are in the TDA rules and can be interpreted for razz. A good resource for rules is Bob Ciaffone's site and it has pretty much everything you'd need to get the rules of poker. Check it out here:
Hope this helps!
Jan Fisher
Title: Re: RAZZ
Post by: emc300 on December 08, 2009, 09:33:09 PM
Jan, looks like you have version 4 of Robert's Rules.  I have a copy of version 11 and it is the most current version.  The cover page of the rule book even makes a reference to the TDA and the work that is being done.  That being said, the chapter covering the rules on tournaments is now outdated and would expect version 12 to be out soon based on the '09 TDA rules.  Here is a link for version 11:

Hope this helps.
Title: Re: RAZZ
Post by: pokerfish on December 08, 2009, 10:44:30 PM
Thanks Matt and Chet for calling to my attention the out-dated version of the rules I had. That said, I had to Google to get those so hope those sites are updated. I hope this helped to answer the razz questions.
Appreciate the heads up!
Jan Fisher
Title: Re: RAZZ
Post by: WSOPMcGee on January 03, 2010, 12:40:30 AM

1.      All seven-card stud rules apply in razz except as otherwise noted.

2.      The lowest hand wins the pot. Aces are low, and straights and flushes have no effect on the low value of a hand. The best possible hand is 5-4-3-2-A.

3.      The highest card by suit starts the action with a forced bet. The low hand acts first on all subsequent rounds. If the low hand is tied, the first player clockwise from the dealer starts the action.

4.      Fixed-limit games use the lower limit on third and fourth streets and the upper limit on subsequent streets. An open pair does not affect the limit.

5.      The dealer announces all pairs the first time they occur, except pairs of facecards, which are never announced.
Title: Re: RAZZ
Post by: Nick C on March 16, 2010, 03:17:38 PM
Not much on razz except when dicussing HORSE. I would like to add some information that might help anyone trying to understand the game. RAZZ is 7-card stud low only.  The best hand is A-2-3-4-5 (the wheel) and straights and flushes don't hurt the low. The bring in in RAZZ is the highest door card (first up-card) as opposed to 7-card stud high (when the bring-in is the lowest card in the deck, by suit; 2of clubs). In RAZZ the King of spades is the highest card in the deck because the Ace is only recognized as a low card that ranks below a deuce.

Nick C