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Counterfeit chips


I'm sure you've all heard the news by now:

A TD's nightmare for sure.

Chips can be just as valuable as currency these days -- we need chips with better security features.  Is there an affordable solution?

Nick C:
 Whenever big money is involved, you can bet that someone out there will try to beat the system. My advice is to better protect our tournament chips...I see too many rooms that leave chips sitting on carts that are not secured. Protect tournament chips by keeping them under lock and key.

 Severe punishment for any offenders would be another deterrent.

 I'm sure there are ways to mark a chip or install a transponder type device that can be monitored, like a GPS, but I'm sure that might not be cost effective.


Nick brings up a good point too, but in this case it is not a case of leaving the chips's people duplicating the chips.

We use security features like holograms, but I have to be honest...we don't check them unless there is a reason to.

Hard situation!  Hard to figure out a 'fix' as well!

There are RFID chips used in several larger casinos nowadays but they are very expensive still.
My only suggestion is that a full count is done at every break and especially at chip races.  As for cheap tech...  I don't think there is anything yet.


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