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Nick C:
 A dealer friend of mine, and former student, visited me over the Christmas Holiday. He had a couple of interesting situations that occurred recently and I told him I'd post them for your feedback:

 The action is heads-up.  Player 1 bets $30 and player 2 raises to $105. Player 1 asks "$75 more?" but player 2 hears it as "$75 more than his $105" and sails his hand into the muck.  Player 1 played it off like he was trying to raise but later on he told me he wasn't.  Obviously, player 2 has to protect his hand here.  I'm not sure what new rule could be made here.  It was just one of those silly situations.  Player 2 just heard him wrong.
The other situation had to do with players playing out of the rack.  A player with a monster chip stack (about to leave the table) racked up and decided he wanted to play another orbit or two.  I ask him to remove his chips from the racks, seeing as how he's going to be sticking around a bit, and he indicated that he didn't feel like taking all that time to empty the racks. I called the floor. The floor comes over and tells him he can either leave, or take the chips out of the rack.  He chooses to leave and the players left at the table are pissed.  The player just left with all the money.  The floor and I, according to the rules, were absolutely in the right.  But on the other hand, does playing out of the rack really even matter?  You never want to break up a good game especially over something kind of silly like that.

 So what is the reason for not allowing racks on the table? Years ago, it was accepted and practiced by everyone.


We recently changed our rules from "can only play out of the rack until their blinds" to "can play out of their rack as long as they keep a working stack out".  Racks must still be propped up at an angle on the rail though.

I like it, less headaches.

What is the reason for not allowing racks on the table?

I'm no cash game expert, and this is a good question of which I am curious to know the answer as well.  If I had to guess, maybe there would be concerns as to whether the chips were in play for a particular hand or not when in a rack... ?

Nick C:

 Thanks for your suggestion, it's more reasonable than forcing a player from the game. Ken, I'm with you on this one. I have played cash games most of my life and years ago we always played out of a rack...always. It seems to me that this is another one of those changes that took place, without good reason. Some joker probably hid a $20 bill under his rack and raised the cardroom managers girlfriend and all hell broke loose. ;D

 Who wanted the change?
 When was it first enforced?
 Where was it first implemented?

Any thoughts on the other situation?

My thoughts on the origin would be hidden chips or hidden cards.  That is the reason we have them remain propped up.

I imagine the other concern was visibility.  Can't see if players are in the hand, etc...


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