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Standardization of rules -- a pipe dream?

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Put this under "news, views, and gossip"...  ;)

I have to say it will be interesting to observe the "big" players at the Summit, this year.  That is... assuming that they all attend.  As an "outsider" looking in, it seems to me that there may be some politics or personality issues at play that would appear to act as a barrier to a worldwide standardization of rules.  Different "factions" seem to want to push their own rule sets; the Americans and Europeans seem reluctant to co-operate and form a single unified body (could this even be possible); the WSOP, WPT, EPT, and TDA approaches to various issues seem to be diverging rather than converging, etc.

Is there anything that can be done to promote more co-operation with the goal of standardizing rules worldwide?  Or is this, practically speaking, an unrealistic goal?

Good question.  Even just in the small group of more frequent posters on this forum there is a lot of disagreements. 

While discussion for improvement is good, I feel like adamant opposition to rules that were voted in by the summit is bad for our cause.  We need to be a unified front if we want others to be unified with us.

A lot of people come here for solutions to does it look to them if the discussion they read has things like "I don't agree with this rule, and that is why I opposed it" and things similar to that.  They come here for a solution and end up getting differing opinions.  Things get voted in because the majority wanted them that way.  Most rules will never have 100% agreement from all factions, but even if we are the minority we need to support the whole.  We need to be positive and move forward.

The whole purpose of the TDA is standardization and unification. 

By all means, I think a potential addition to the TDA Rules should be looked at from every perspective and all opinions should be heard, but once it is put to a vote and voted in I think it needs 100% support by us.

Just my 2c.  Sorry for the rant, and I hope you all know I am not directing this at anyone, just speaking in a general sense.

Hey Tristan.

I take your point, although I don't mind exploring issues "internally" on the forum to get a sense of how people feel the rules could be improved.  We actual tend to agree on a lot of things  ;)

I was thinking more along the lines of the TDA as a whole versus WSOP versus e.g. European groups such as IFP or FIDPA, for example?  I get the feeling that the "head guys" are trying to be civil to one another, but don't have any intention of co-ordinating their efforts towards a common goal of standardization.  I guess I can understand why -- each has to look out for his own business -- but am I the only one who gets the sense that we will always have the major tourneys "doing their own thing"?  Or (here's the gossipy part), perhaps some of these guys just don't like each other that much. I don't know.

I may be blasted for this, but until I see TDA, WSOP, and PSLive tourneys working off the same rule book, we will never achieve true standardization. 

Very true.  Although most of them do include the vast majority of TDA rules in their own rules...they tend to have a couple variations.  Is that a majority win, or a partial loss?   :P  I would love to everyone on the same page, but you are right, it might be a pipe dream.

And don't get me wrong, I think most of the discussions here are positive and help us create a better product.  I was just thinking about how many card rooms have put aside their own thoughts or rules in order to incorporate TDA; even if they don't always agree with all of the rules. 

Nick C:
Ken and Tristan,

 Great posts by both. I am the most outspoken member of the TDA, that's no secret. This is a perfect time to take a serious look at exactly what we (the TDA members) are trying to accomplish: This is our first paragraph; before General Concepts.

The Poker TDA is comprised of poker room personnel from around the world whose objective is to draft a standardized set of rules for poker tournaments. The following TDA rules supplement the standard....

 I've always believed that the TDA should become the foundation for all other rule-sets, this would allow others worldwide to more easily adopt our basic, fundamental rules. i.,e. "Check raise is allowed," "Verbal is binding," "Awarding odd chips," "Dead Button Rule,"  "Misdeals," "Substantial Action," "Button in Heads-Up," "Oversize Chip Rule" "Number of Allowable Raises," "Ethical Play,"...and several others.

 My 2Cents might rankle some feathers but, this is how I feel: The introduction of any new rule, because it is accepted by the WSOP, or WPT, or any other major International Tournament does little to achieve our goal of standardization for poker rules. Introducing any "controversial rule" will only create further separation, which is exactly the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. IMO, the TDA rules should be easy for player's, dealer's and anyone involved in tournament poker games, whether they are major events, or fundraisers or social events! 

 No new rules! Let's fix the existing ones that need attention. Well that was my 2 Cents, with an all-in raise to a nickel. ;D


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