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Here's a recent illustration request:

Hi [name withheld]: In your example:

SB (300)  BB (600) Player A raises TO 1500 total (a raise of 900) B re-raises TO 4500 total (a raise of 3000) C folds
D makes an all in wager of 5000 TOTAL (an increase of 500). SB & BB fold.

Question: Can A re-raise or only call the 5000 total (A must put in another 3500 to call) because D is all-in and A has already acted.

Answer: A can re-raise because the amount to call (3500) is MORE than a minimum full raise to A.

Why?: On this betting round, the initial bet to A was 600 (the BB), A raised it by 900 to 1500 total.
That means that to re-open the betting to A, there must be a full raise back to A (at least 900 more).
In this case there is much more than 900 for A to call... there is 3500 more for A to call.
So, A can re-raise in this case.

The only way A would be limited to only a call is if the TOTAL BET back to A was less than 600 + 900 + 900 = less than 2400.

Thanks for the question!

Here's another very lengthy recent discussion on the subject.


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