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I know it's probably a bit early to start asking this but has anything been put in stone yet?
Where? When? Who?
Inquiring minds need to book vacation time!

Spence: Nothing in stone quite yet but the official position on a 2013 Summit is "likely to be held". The general timeframe would be Summer while the WSOP is underway. When and if a definite decision is made, the details will be announced ASAP so members can make travel arrangements.

Brian Vickers:
I think the last one was very productive and informative and I am really looking forward to being able to participate again.
If it takes place at the end of June again that would be perfect for me.  I am trying to be in town for a tournament at the M Resort on June 28-30 (as a spectator, it's one of our properties).

It's safe to upgrade the probability to "very likely to be held" at this point.

Hello Guys,

Just my 2cents here:
I think the best possible dates would be around july 1st/2nd because that's when most people are already in Vegas for the series. Since this year's main event is scheduled to start only on july 7th, if we have the summit on the 2nd and 3rd, it will still hive us july 4th and the weekend free.

What do you guys think?

Anyway, I'll be in Vegas June 30th.

Hope to see you all again at the Summit. It is always a great experience.


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