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[The TDA received this request for comments on a proposed blind and starting stack structure. Please feel free to respond with your comments.]

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hi sir,
        we have new tounament coming ahead playing as 15k deepstack event with
10,000 in chips and a 30k deepstack event with 20,000 on chips with stat=rting
time of 50-100 blinds do u think its a good blind structure and a proper chip
stack given to those please advise.thanks

I would note that you have only provided your starting total chipstack and starting blinds. You do not indicate the following additional critical information: A) The total time for the tournament... is it 4 hours, 8 hours, 16 hours, 2 days, 3 days??  B) your proposed blind increments and the time allowed during each increment. This information is very important in commenting on the proposed structure.

You may also greatly benefit by reading the other 90+ threads on event structuring which have been posted by others in that category of the forum

Yes, I think more information is needed.  When you say 15k event, is that the buy-in??  If so, this is going to require a very different structure (and time span) from one primarily geared towards recreational players that is going to start and complete in one evening.

As a starting point, you may want to think about basing your structure on the wsop main event structure sheet, which is available online.

I know it has been brought up on here before, but can be helpful.

[The following additional information was received regarding this event... your comments are very appreciated]

Message Body:
hi sir,
           as we sad we have a tournament for 15k deepstack event which will be played for 8 hours with starting blind of 50-100,100-200 and so on with 20 min clock,and also a 30k deepstack event played for 8 hours with blind level of 50-100,100-200 and so on with 25 min clock.please advise me for the chip stack.thanks


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